News Release 7th January 2015

Organisers are confident that the recent heavy rain and swelling of the River Weaver will not cause serious disruption to Nantwich’s Holly Holy Day event, scheduled to take place in the town on Saturday 23rd January.

Holly Holy Day commemorates the 1644 Civil War Battle of Nantwich, which lifted the month long siege of the town. There is a programme of events and attractions across the town centre, culminating in a parade of Sealed Knot soldiers into the town and a lively and colourful re-enactment of the Battle itself (including cannon fire!) on nearby Mill Island.

High river levels have put the event in jeopardy in previous years, but have never yet caused a cancellation. Holly Holy Day Vice Chairman Shaun Cafferty told us:

“The River Weaver is very high at the moment after all the heavy rainfall in the area, and the ground is very soggy. But there is more than 2 weeks to go yet. It’s been similar in other years, but we have always found a way to stage the event. It’s a much loved Nantwich tradition and we will be working hard as always to see that it continues”.

“The Sealed Knot soldiers assure me that they will fight in any conditions, and it would take a brave man to stop them! We will undertake an assessment as we always do on the day before, and decide what steps we need to take to ensure the safety of spectators on Mill Island itself”.

Shaun was also keen to make the point that the event as a whole has become less weather dependent in recent years, with a variety of spectacles in the town from mid-morning onwards:

“We have a Living History exhibition under canvas opposite the Church, where you can see how people lived back in 1644. The Museum is housing a musketry demonstration, followed by period music played on replica 17th Century instruments. There will be various singing and dancing on the stage in the centre, before the troops parade into town at lunchtime. As always the Nantwich Players will perform a drama piece which will conclude with some poor soul being put in the Pillory to face a barrage of soggy cabbages! All around the town, there will be Morris Men, Plough Witches and the Mounted Troopers, so there is a lot more to Holly Holy Day than just the battle”.



6 Responses to Press Release

  1. Jill Geldart says:

    Hello, Enquiries already about the next Holly Holy Day, will it be on 23rd January 2017?

    Jill Geldart

  2. Tess Wild says:

    As a long time member of The Sealed Knot (musketeer in Newcastles Regiment,I need to book B/B at the Crown in good time. I am hoping you can let me know what the date for next year 2017 Holly Holy Day will be celebrated. We always enjoy ourselves in Nantwich.Everyone makes us so welcome.

    • David Wilson says:

      We’ll be fixing the date for the 2017 event during the course of the next few weeks. The battle is held on the nearest Saturday to the original battle date of 25 January 1644, so next year’s event will either be on 21 or 28 January.

  3. Ian Hill says:

    can you confirm the date for 2017 yet please

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