Holly Holy Day celebrations survive each year mainly through the efforts of The Holly Holy Day Society, a small non-profit group of people working with Sealed Knot and Rotary to raise the funds and organise the event itself – no small feat as you will appreciate.


Help is required throughout the year (we usually have a planning meeting once a month), and of course on the day itself where we need every pair of hands we can get! If you have enjoyed today’s Holly Holy Day and would like to do your bit to see it continue, please consider either bringing your skills to the Society at the monthly meetings or registering as a ‘January volunteer’ – someone willing to help with the small essential jobs in the build up to the event and with the Holly Holy Day activities themselves. For more information, email us from the website or leave your details with Nantwich Town Council so we can contact you. Business sponsors and advertisers are always welcome!

The current Holly Holy Day Society members are Keith Cafferty (Chairman), Shaun Cafferty (Vice Chairman) Graham Fenton (Secretary/Treasurer), Kate Dobson (Nantwich Museum), Michael-John Parkin, Liz Southall and David Wilson. Within the Society, the Sealed Knot is represented by Colin Bissett and Jez Harper.

All of these individuals have given up considerable amounts of their personal time without reward to ensure that the local Nantwich community continues to have a Holly Holy Day to enjoy and to bring us all together, and they should be thanked for their efforts.

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